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The SAFMAR Group was founded by one of Russia's largest entrepreneurs, Mikhail Gutseriev.

Industrial an Financial Group SAFMAR is a large Russian diversified conglomerate. Its structure includes companies in the oil-producing, oil-refining, coal, and potash industries, financial assets, retail chains, construction and development holdings, commercial real estate management companies, logistics centers, hotels, and media resources: radio stations and television channels.

Total revenue of the Group's companies:
more than 1,4 trillion rubles per year
more than 300 billion rubles per year
Total number of the Group companies' employees
more than 100 000 people

The industrial and financial group SAFMAR includes large Russian oil-producing and oil-refining companies (Russneft, Neftisa, Forteinvest, etc.), the Russian Coal holding and the Slavkali company, which is currently implementing a major investment project in the Republic of Belarus.

In Russia, industrial companies of the SAFMAR group operate in more than 20 regions and provide almost 23 thousand jobs.

Oil production *:
17.6 million tons
Gas production:
3.1 billion m3
Oil reserves:
1.2 billion tons
Gas reserves:
239 billion m3
Potassium chloride reserves:
112 million tons
Oil refining:
13.3 million tons
Coal production:
29.7 million tons
Coal reserves:
2.1 billion tons

* Aggregated oil equivalent

The financial assets of the SAFMAR group are managed by PJSC “SAFMAR Financial Investments” (SFI). SFI includes Non-Governmental Pension Funds “SAFMAR” and “Mospromstroy-Fond”, “Europlan” leasing company; also, SFI owns 49% of VSK Insurance House shares.

Shares of SAFMAR Financial Investments PJSC are included to the quotation list of the first (highest) level on the Moscow Exchange (ticker on the stock exchange: SFIN).

The key figures of SAFMAR Financial Investments PJSC:

Net profit
8.9 billion RUR
Revenues of the holding
21.7 billion RUR
Holding assets
383,7 billion RUR

The M.Video-Eldorado Group(PJSC “”), a member of the SAFMAR industrial and financial group, consists of “M.Video” and “Eldorado” retail household appliances and electronics networks and the marketplace

The total annual revenue of companies exceeds 360 billion rubles. The group operates more than 800 stores in the 200 largest cities of Russia. “M.Video” is the only Russian company in the retail electronics sector whose shares are public.

The M.Video-Eldorado Group is the leader of the Russian market of home appliances and electronics:

  • one of the top-10 world largest electronics retailers;
  • one of the most efficient companies in the world (one of the top 5 retailers of consumer electronics in terms of EBITDA Margin);
  • one of the top-10 best employers in Russia;
  • M.Video brand is in the top-50 Russian brands by value.

“A101” and “Mospromstroy” represent the construction and development business of the “SAFMAR” Group.

A101 Group of Companies is one of the largest developers in Moscow with 25 years of experience in the field of residential real estate and related infrastructure. A101 Group of Companies ranks 3rd in Moscow and 15th in Russia in terms of current construction volunes. The company is one of the largest private landowners in the Moscow region, the size of the owned land is 2500 hectares.

PJSC “Mospromstroy” is a major player in the capital construction and real estate market. The company is engaged in the implementation of housing and commercial construction projects. It is actively involved in the construction and reconstruction of infrastructure (including underground metro facilities), administrative and social facilities in Moscow.

The results of the work of A101 Group over the past 6 years:
Investment in construction
> 45 billion RUR.
Built real estate
946 000 sq. meters.
Investment in social infrastructure
>3 billion rubles.
Current construction volumes
> 900 000 sq. meters.
The results of the work of PJSC "Mospromstroy" over the past 10 years:
Total real estate built
1.5 million sq. m.
Current construction volume
> 1.2 million square meters. m total area

SAFMAR Group owns major companies, operating in the commercial real estate market. Our enterprises have leading positions in almost all areas of this market. The “Corporation “A.N.D.” manages almost 500 thousand square meters of the office real estate and 450 thousand square meters of retail space. Over the next five years several more shopping and multifunctional centers in Moscow and the Moscow Region with a total area of up to 1 million square meters will be built under the management of the company.

“Pioneer Estate” operates in the market of commercial real estate re-sale. In its portfolio (the company manages real estate objects of Mospromstroy PJSC, intended for sale to potential investors and end customers) there is over 500 thousand square meters of commercial space.

SAFMAR Group also includes MLP Russia, a management company that owns 8 warehouse complexes with a total area of 1.8 million square meters.

Commercial real estate of SAFMAR Group:

“Corporation A.N.D.”

Office real estate
470 000 sq. m
Shopping malls
330 000 sq. m
60 000 sq. m
Street retail
120 000 sq. m
Development (real estate under construction for different purposes)
572 000 sq. m

Pioneer Estate

Real estate for different purposes
500 000 sq. m

MLP Russia

1 800 000 sq. m

The Group owns 10 luxury hotels with the unique location in the centre of Moscow and two hotels in CIS.

Hotel room capacity of Moscow hotels is
2,286 rooms
Hotel room capacity of CIS hotels is
532 rooms
Revenue in 2016
RUB 7.2bn

SAFMAR Group includes 7 federal radio stations and the television holding company, Bridge TV. The group is one of the leaders in the Russian media industry in terms of the number of stations and the total daily average audience.

Radio stations of the Group:

«Shanson Radio»;

«Datcha Radio»;

«Vesna FM»;

«Vostok FM»;

«Love radio»;

«Russian Hit»;

«Taxi FM».

The TV-channels of the Group are united into the Bridge Media holding:

Bridge TV;

Bridge TV Russian Hit;

Bridge TV Classic;

Bridge TV Hits;

Bridge TV Deluxe.